Truitt’s Fix ~ A Book Review


Truitt’s Fix is a science fiction book written by Rex Evans Wood. Taken from the book’s website Truitt’s Fix the following theme is provided:

Dan Truitt’s in a fix, caught between warring nations, on the run, and pursued by a relentless villain. And at every twist and turn, there’s more at stake as he meets “absolutely the best, most unforgettable characters you’ll find anywhere.”

I don’t normally read science fiction. I never believed that it was a genre that would interest me, but lo and behold, Rex Evans Wood has opened my eyes!

When it states ‘pursued by a relentless villain’, he’s not kidding! Oh my gosh, this guy doesn’t give up! I was amazed how at certain times in the book I thought I had figured out what would happen next, no such thing! The book takes you to a whole new level of the story.

Like I said, science fiction was never an interest to me, but I have been enlightened.

Bravo Mr. Wood! I encourage everyone to grab a copy, a good cup of java, and enjoy your read.

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