Christmas Craft: Coffee Filter Trees

This Christmas craft is really easy for everyone to put together, and makes a great center piece for any holiday party! Add a little glitter to the edges, and other embellishments to give it your own style.

Supplies needed:

Large poster board

Package of coffee filters

Glitter, buttons, sequence, and any kind of embellishments you want

Hot glue gun – Be Careful!


Cut out a large circle from your poster board. The bigger the circle the bigger the tree will be.

Fold the circle in half and then cut it, so that you will have two half circles.

Fold one edge in so it forms a cone and then wrap the other edge around. Push it down on a table until it stands flat.

Tape the edge shut

Next, cut your coffee filters. For the base I cut the outside line so that it could fit all the way around the bottom. Then I cut the next line and so on. This gave the trees the cool ruffled effect. You can cut the coffee filters in half as you get closer to the top, since you won’t need them as big.

You may need to do a few layers the same size, but just keep working your way up to the top, gluing as you go. And watch those fingers!

Add your finishing embellishments and there you have it, your beautifully created Christmas tree decoration. The kids are sure to have fun with this one.

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