When The Fish Aren’t Biting

My husband and our girls went ice fishing the other day, something they have wanted to do since the ice started turning and finally were able to take some time and go fishing.

Anyway, my oldest daughter started text messaging me pictures of the ice holes and the lake and so on and so forth.

The girls were starting to get bored. The fish weren’t biting, not even a nibble.

Then I started to receive video clips, via text messaging from my daughter. They were daring each other to do silly stunts, and even though I wasn’t there, I was in the thick of it.

The first clip I received was my youngest standing on the lake yelling, ‘What does the fox say?’ Really?! I texted my oldest daughter.

The next clip was my youngest daughter scooping ice chunks out of the ice hole and holding it up to her mouth. I was mortified and picked up the phone and called my oldest right then and there!

She answers the phone and the first thing I asked, “Where is your father!?” She giggled and said he was setting up tip ups on the lake. I told her to quit daring her little sister to do these stunts.

Sure enough, a couple minutes later I receive another video clip. This time the clip was my youngest getting back at my oldest daughter and had her putting ice from the ice fishing hole up to her mouth. Again, what are you thinking and where is your father!?

I picked up the phone and called their dad. He answered all cheerfully and of course I wasn’t so cheerful. I asked him if he knew what his children were doing inside the ice house and he thought it was the funniest thing ever. How have we survived this long with such different senses of humor, I asked myself. He told me to lighten up and they were just fine.

Of course not being there and thinking, what are they doing now, I didn’t get much work done. When my family came home, everyone was smiling ear to ear and telling me what fun they had. No fish, but a lot of fun. I guess I can’t be mad at that; especially when I found out neither child ate the ice. Thank goodness! They just wanted to prank mom. Not cool. If my perceptions are correct, I am sure my hubby had something to do with it too.

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