Book Review – The Dragon Slayer: Beginnings

I was given the opportunity to be a beta reader for this book and it is book one of the Dragon Slayer Chronicles written by Carey Green, which is due out in the middle of March. The following excerpt is taken from the site:

Dragons have been forgotten, relegated to the realm of legend and myth. But tales of horror circulate among the common people. Rumors of their attacks float on the night wind. They are a fearsome presence that haunts the memories of the old and the nightmares of the young.

They are forgotten, but they are not gone.

The dragon masters wait, a dark force lurking in the shadows of every land.

They will have their opportunity. They will rise.

A young boy is stripped violently from his family and thrust into the conflict between dragon masters and feudal lords. Through tragedy and loss Hon is swept into the conflict while battling the fear and pain that grips his own soul.

Dragon Slayer: Beginnings is a story of life and the growth of faith in the midst of loss. It’s about the battle every person goes through to become more than their past has destined them to be.

He is the first. He will be the best. He is the Dragon Slayer.

Lately, I have been exposed to books that I would normally skim by if I were looking through a library or a book store. This particular book is about dragons and days of feudal lords. Not a normal genre for me, but I must say, this is a really good book. The story is centered on a Christian foundation and is refreshing.

When I had a moment to sit, I found myself reaching for the book and needing to know what was next in the story for Hon. I can’t wait to read book two of the series.

Sincerely learning to not  judge a book by the cover or title, etc… and not missing out of some really good reads. Further book information is available on the web site. Happy reading!

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