Springtime Means Flying A Kite Time

Nothing says springtime like flying a kite. I know it’s hard to believe that the first day of spring is tomorrow, but that’s what the calendar says. It may not feel like it here, but somewhere someplace…spring weather is springing.

To keep with the spring fever that is going on in our house, I found a fun craft that I can’t wait to get out and try. This craft idea comes from the site, http://lifelessonplans.org/ and we’re going to build a confetti kite!

Originally published by lifelessonplans.org

Materials Needed:

Clear contact paper

Various colors and shapes of tissue paper

Non-bendy wide straws


4 foot piece of string

Spool of String


Hole punch

Constructing the Kite:

Cut a large symmetrical diamond from the contact paper; making it as big as possible. Cut a second diamond, about an inch smaller all around, than the first cut diamond. Set these aside.

Taking the straws, insert them inside each other, making one straw bar long enough to fit the length of the kite and make another one to fit the width of the kite. Cut a small notch in the middle of the length-wise straw bar so that the two straw bars make a cross.

Securely tape all the straw joints, especially the middle where the straw bars connect.

Remove the backing from the smaller diamond and place the straw bars, centered.

Decorate the smaller diamond of your kite with the various colored tissue paper confetti, glitter, feathers, or any other light materials.

Remove the backing from the larger diamond and place the decorated side of the kite centered on top.

Fold the one inch edging of the larger diamond up to enclose the kite, press and seal.

Hole punch the four straw ends.

Tie a piece of string from the top of the kite to the bottom, then side to side of the kite. Where the strings of the brace meet, tie the spool of string to be the actual kite flying string!

Attach the four foot string to the bottom of the kite for the kite tail. Tie strips of tissue paper around the string to decorate the tail.

Voila! You’re ready to fly your kite!

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