Mom, I’m Bored

Believe it or not, spring break and summer will come. We can’t tell right now due to our recent blizzard and school closings, but when that time comes I have found a great resource to combat the children’s favorite phrase ‘Mom, I’m bored’!

This idea comes from the website and is so simple and easy to do. Drum rolls please…the Mom, I’m Bored Jar.

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Find a cookie jar or any type of jar big enough to hold folder paper pieces and embellish it with some ribbon and use letter stickers to tag the jar that says ‘I’m Bored Jar’. Be creative and make it how you want to.

Think of some boredom buster activities.

Print the activities onto bright card stock.

Some ideas may include take the dog for a walk, clean your room, write a story, play hopscotch, read a chapter from your book. The list goes on and on, but be sure to include both fun and actual chores. Some of the activities are fun, some of them are not. There are always things to do and helping them think of ideas is great but the complaining isn’t always so great. So before my kids complain about being bored and asking me to find things for them to do, I can ask them to use their imagination or choose from the jar.

They might pull something like “Make cookies with Mom”, or  “Pull weeds.” The choice is theirs.

How simple is that!

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