Ugh! ~ A Little Knitting Too

Let's Knit!

Have you ever found that things just come at you all at once, whether it is a new project, school starting…Ugh! I have been trying really hard to get back to reading the latest book club selection, with no avail. My apologies to all readers.

If anyone would like to share their comments on the book, please do!

It is the second week of school for us, and already my children have the sniffles. I suppose their bodies are adjusting to all the new kiddos they are coming in contact with. C’est la vie, here’s to another school year and all the fun things to come.

It’s September already, and I’m feeling the craft bug kick in and have begun knitting my youngest a scarf. This is my first knitting project ever, and it started off really well. Until, my daughter saw pictures of the various scarves available and started requesting embellishments and so on and so forth. I think I’ll have the scarf ready in time for next year! We shall see.

If anyone is interested in finding free knitting patterns, please visit they have some really fun projects to view, and try if you dare!



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