Inspirational Cooking

I am home with a sick little girl today, it’s that time of year. So, in between the cuddles and naps this morning, I decided to make some chocolate chip, peanut butter and chocolate candy cookies. Yep, a mouthful, but a tasty one!


This ought to cheer up my kiddo. She has a very mild fever, and just a bit on the blah side. I figured a cookie won’t hurt her; it’s made with love.

That’s what we as parents try to do, give everything with love.

I was inspired this past weekend, by a gift from a stranger. My daughters and I had signed up for a walk and we weren’t doing well on the fundraising side; which was making me feel like a loser because we hadn’t really reached out to anyone. It was a last minute sign up, and I was just feeling like we should just give a donation and skip the walk. I was being selfish, I admit it. Not the most loving thing to do.

I received an email and Facebook alert the night before the walk that I received a donation from a single donor that put us at 250% over what we were hoping to raise. I was humbled! A total stranger gave us a wonderful gift and sent an inspiring message to me and my kids thanking us for doing the walk. All I can say is I am thankful, and reminded that we need to be there to inspire others and help out where we can.

Thank you for inspiring me!

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